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    Calories on Anavar Cycle - female 28yo

    Hi there,

    I'm an experienced female trainer and Previously a natural competitor about to start my first Anavar cycle. Im 28 years old. I won't be commencing for another 3 weeks so just doing some forward panning.

    My main question is regarding diet... Stats below:

    Weight: 75kg
    Height: 178cm
    LBM: 61kg
    BF%: ~19%

    Training: 5 x intense weights weekly, 45-1h cardio daily

    Diet: average 1750 - 1900cal per day
    Protien 60% Carb 20% Fat 20%

    Currently maintaining weight but slowly getting visibly leaner and harder so semi cut slash recomp.

    Planning 5-6 week cycle with a three day taper up from 2.5mg once daily to 2.5mg twice daily from day 4 of week one. Then pending on response and results maybe up to 10mg daily. A one week taper added on at end of 5/5/5/2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5.

    Should my cals increase on cycle? I'm hoping to gain LBM and drop BF in prep for comp in late October.

    Also, thinking of taking 6 weeks off after first cycle then repeat the above again.

    Between cycle should i adjust my cals based on my LBM increase? Are loss of gains something to be concerned about?

    Any advice or suggestions welcome!!!

    Thanks in advance

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    I certainly don't have the knowlege to make any meaningful recommendations, so hopefully Kawi or some of the others will give some real world input.

    However the reason I posted is to say, that your post is really a great one, Plenty of details,history etc. Such a great change from most first cycle question posts.

    Welcome aboard,

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    Thank you Far from massive! Appreciate the welcome! Wasn't sure if this belonged in diet section, or here!! If I get to turn pink there may even be a better place for it.

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    Welcome yeah i copy and paste thiss to the diet section but we all love new female members Iam sorry I dont know much about the female body and hormones or diet..Best of luck to you though!

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    Thank you!! Yep, made a thread in diet section also :P

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    I would like to say I DO know a lot about the female body, but in this particular case I can't help much. It would help if you could post a pic......:-)

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