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    Post first cycle with winstrol and proviron

    I'm training from year and a half. Considering first cycle with winstrol and proviron . My source is good competitor and she gave me the supplements , training programm and nutritional plan. I have Stanabolon from Pharma-tec. Each tab is 20mg.

    Trainigng programm is as follows:

    First day:
    Chest, front delt, triceps
    chest bench- 20,15,10,10
    lateral raises-1x20,3x15
    front raises-4x20
    shoulder press with dumbbels-3x15
    press down-1x20,3x15
    cardio-30 min,

    Second day
    back, back delt, biceps
    pull down to chest-1x25,2x15
    pull down to back-1x20,2x15
    Seated Rows-3x15
    back extensions-3x20
    Barbell Curls- 1x20,3x15
    dumbbell bicep curls-3x15
    cardio-30 min.

    Third day

    legs, calves
    leg extension-1x25,3x20
    leg curls-1x25,3x20
    hip trust-3x20
    glute kicks-2x20
    hip abduction-3x30
    hip adduction-3x30

    Fourth day
    cardio, abs
    50 min cardio
    upper abs-5x20
    lower abs-5x20

    I decided to do a cycle and asked my trainer- she sent me winstrol and proviron. She tolds me, that the winstrol helps to get leaner and for the synthesis of protein. The proviron blocks the women's hormones and i can burn fat easier. I'm not sure то what extend i can trust her. I've bought the supplements but i didn't start to take them yet. I would like to ask does the winstrol influence the hormones, wht kind of analysis i should firstly do and what are the negative effects. my trainer tolds me, that the winstrol isn't a hard supplement and i have to take winstrol- 40 mg a day, 20 in the morning and 20 in the evening and the first ten days- 2o pills provirone, after that-only one. Total 8-9 weeks. What do you think about.

    I'll have l have liver blood work, cholesterol next three days.
    At the moment I'm 1.65m high and 63 kg. My plan is to try one month eat cleaning and after that to take the supplements.

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    Bad idea!!!!

    Winstrol is hard on woman and can make your voice maskulin and enklare your clit, plus 40mg a day is waaaay to much.
    Maximum 10mg id say, maybe 20 if you want to push it hard and take the risk with permanent sides.

    Go for anavar , it better for woman.
    10-20mg a day.

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    Thank you for the reply, Markosterone. I have talked again with my couch and she said, that the dose is the minimal. Honestly i can't decide what to do. Maybe at the beginning I'll start with 10mg, and after that with 20mg.. Why do you think 40 mg is too much for me? Do you think everyone gets these sides and what's the chance i'm getting them?

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    Today i did some analysis: blood count, haemoglobin, ASAT, ALAT- and everything is in range. After the cycle i will have the same analysis again to check for some differences.

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    No its not normal for Women to do these dosages.
    I as a man, only use 50mg a day.

    Femalea are much more sensitiv to androgens then men.

    Please, do yourself a favor. Change coach.
    These dosages are maybe for experienced anda advanced Women that dont respons well after extensiv use maybe.

    Still also, winstrol is a bad idea for you.
    Get some anavar . It will build muscle and tone your body in shape if diet is right. All with minimal sides for Women. And always start low, like 5mg a day.
    Maybe add a low dose winstrol second cycle, but no where near 40mg a day.
    Always start low, 5-10mg a day. Use this for 4 weeks, evaluate, and maybe increase a little next time.
    You have to see how your body responds before you add more. And take benefits of the sensitive receptors before you hit them hard at high dosages.
    If you hit high now, you will have to go even higher next time.

    Please do some research by yourself instead of listenig to you coach and you will see what i mean.

    Women only produce like 10mg a week of testosterone naturally. So you dont need the dosages men use.

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    You've been training for 1.5yrs, not all of which I'm assuming were proper training, and considering AAS already? My advice would be to head to the diet and training forums and post up there. The only side effects you'd experience are increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass. You are not ready to cycle IMO as you're body is still getting used to training.

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    Okay, thank you for the reply. Now I'm eating clean and training 4 times a week. I have bought the winstrol , so after a month maybe I'll start, If I succeed with my diet. Thanks for the advices.

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    Agree on anavar . I've had my wife on three cycles now with decent results. I would never put her on winny. Her last cycle was 25mg/d var; 125mcg T3, and 150mcg clen .

    Some women will run primo for competition. For my wife, she's happy enough with anavar and T3.

    Winny is too drying for me. Always causes problems for my joints.

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    Thank you for the reply, Muscle Ink. At the very beginning i wrote to my coach, she asked me do i want to buy the supplements for me, cause she knows how do i look like. I wanted to buy Anavar and she told me, that she will send me Stanabol. I asked her what is this and she said. that Stanabol, Stanazolol, Winstrol and Anavar is the same. I understood, that this is a lie, but in my country most of the Anavars are fake and i trust her to buy the supplements-Stanazol and Proviron . I was embarassed about the dosage and the side effects, she calmed me, that the dosage is the minimal and i wouldn't have side effects. Her advice for a dosage was 40 mg a day- 20 in the morning and 20 in the evening

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