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    Smile Have I got it all wrong?

    I guess the best place to start is the stats

    Female 49

    Weight 62.1kg Height 5'6"

    B/Fat 20.54% Water 51.1% Muscle 39.6% Bone 2.8% ( I know scales may not be perfect but they are consistantly imperfect)

    I have trained for years and always struggled to gain muscle as my body just chews up any Testerone that I have so 7 weeks ago I started 1mg Primobolan -Inject- 1`/2 1ml Sunday & 1/2 ml Tuesday stacked with Anavar tabs 1x 10mg per day. Increased muscle about 3 kg in 3 weeks and have flatlined since.

    Changed dosage to 1mg once a week about 2 weeks ago and stopped anavar tabs and went to 1 clen tab daily and am still flatlining

    I have cranked up the Clen tabs to twice a day for the last 3 and no different,always seem to be bloated and ache for 2 days after the Prim.

    My diet is and always havs been pretty clean and drink about 3.5lt water per day, I have been in calorie deficit most days and I train a split program 6 days a week with some sort of cardio twice a day and have seen obvious muscle gain but am always bloated and the Ana & the Clen don't seem to be stripping bodyfat. I can feel the buzz and the shakes from the Clen

    I start off the self directics yesterday but that does not at this stage seem to be doing much, Might try the sauna and cutting water back to 1 lt tomorrow,

    I would like to do Bikini or Fitness comps as I know I am way too old to get big enough for anything else.

    Some help or suggestions would be greatly appreciared

    The Blond

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    Do you mean 100mg of primo? Also are you on any doctor prescribed HRT?

    The sauna is a super temporary solution to lose water weight. Sodium intake is more likely the culprit.

    As for the bodyfat and the use of a scale...who knows how far that could be off.

    This link is a fairly accurate set of pics for men and women at different bf% to help you get a better idea where your at.

    We'd like to see your complete diet as well in the diet forum.

    One of our knowledgeable female members will probably be along to give you some more input shortly. Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome aboard!

    I also would like to know what your primo is dosed at(mg/ml)? How often are you injecting the primo(is it primo depot, or primo ethenate)?

    Like Scotty mentioned diet is likely the culprit... We have a great diet section as well... You can post up what you eat(every meal - and it's quite motivating) as everyone looks out for one another in there

    Best of luck moving forward!

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    Stop looking at the compounds for growth of your not growing you need to up your caloric intake point blank. It's the diet not the drug, eat more clean food and u will grow, good luck

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    & welcome. Suggest looking at diet as seems to be a weak spot for a lot of members, myself included! Stay away from diuretics….that's not necessary. Look at sodium intake. But diet, yes the nutritional forum is a good place for your next post!

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