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Thread: Change in Voice

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    Change in Voice

    I made this profile for this post alone. I know this is a frequently posted subject, but I have searched and searched for a definite answer and couldn't find one.
    My voicd is at least an octave lower than normal. People constantly ask me if I'm transgender... When I talk to cashiers I can feel everyone's eyes on me.
    I've looked into voice feminizations and laser surgery which I'm willing to go into debt for if it will change but I don't know if it would work. It says it's for males thing to be female and i don't know if the steroids have destroyed my vocal chords of if it can be fixed.

    And I don't understand how women like Dana Linn Bailey and people like her can have such normal voices.

    Does anyone have a straight answer please?
    Or anyone with experiences like mine and how you deal with it?

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    Hi Lwnc. Welcome to the forum! I too can't understand how some women's voice changes after taking steroids , and others do not. Side effects are just more prominent in some people.
    Other than surgery have you thought about talking to a voice coach? They may can help you to train your voice back to its original tone. Best of luck to you!

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    What compounds, dosage and time on have you done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.BB
    What compounds, dosage and time on have you done?

    Are u running tren , test at what ester?

    Even " mild female friendly" impacted my vocal after 10 weeks at moderate dose....

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