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    Clenbuterol for my girl??

    I have a recently aquired great girlfriend who is really interested in what i do and my size and ability to stay dedicated in the gym. She used to do powerlifting exercises a few years back squating 250 and benching 150. Now she stands 5'3" 160lb and is 21 yrs old and wants to start lifting with me. I already have her on 2 protein shakes a day with 30 grams a serving that curve her appetite a bit and she is dieting well with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies,(salad mixes with boneles chichen!)
    SO, TO THE QUESTION,, should i introduce low doses of clen to her to aid in a 15 or so pound loss or just give her some over the counter hydroxycuts or efedra free hyroxy's??? I dont wanna stick darts in her but she wont mind some clen if we acess her tolerance first. Im leaning towards the clen because it aids in the protein synthesis and hydroxy's dont.
    So what kinda advice can i get from some experienced girl trainees and trainers here???
    P.S.= I may have her register but she is presed for time and im on alot more than she is.

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    Smile reply - clen for my girl ?

    Hey Fear...any luck w/ your girlfriend this last month???
    I just joined the forum...but have had great success w/ the overall nutrition efforts...i've been working out for years...and finally took on a "bodybuilding" diet....and over 6 months ..broke thru those extra 10 lbs..and turned them into lean muscle.....
    let me know how dedicated she is...and where her wt. is at...i can give you a sample of 6 meals a day....and see if this helps cross that plateau....i'm also giving clen a try for first time ....comes in a few will let you know those results...keep me posted....
    love to help dedicated ladies.....
    sample meals....
    1 - 6 egg whites & 1/2 grapefruit
    2 - 1/2 c oatmeal & 1 scoop whey
    3 - 5 oz chicken breast & 1 c greens
    4 - protein shake (low carb) & apple
    5 - 6 egg whites & 1/2 sw potato
    6 - 5 oz chicken breast
    7 - protein shake (at bed time)

    best of luck

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