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    Any imput would be great!

    Hi, new to the AR. Anyway... I would just like some peoples opinions on my whole routine. Before I started a couple of months ago I was at 5'6", 140lbs, and around 20% bf. I have been working out for a few months now... and I am down to 130lbs and I am not quite sure the bf. I work out 6 days a week (30min of running and an hour of weights). On mon. and thur. I do chest and tri's. On tues. and fri. I do legs. I do back and sholders on wed. and sat. In about 4 weeks I am going to take a week off and then start running 5-6x a week and lift 4x a week. My current nutritional intake is 260g of pro, 70g of carbs, and 35g of fat. I currently have access to t3 and clen but I'm not sure I want to use them until it becomes a neccesity. My goal is not to lose weight but lose mass and bf. Since I have started I have noticed a diiference, everything has gottten smaller and tighter; Also, I have gained strength and some muscle. Anyone's imput would be greatly appreciated! Thanx.

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    Welcome to AR love

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    Here and there....
    What's your question?

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    You want to lose mass and bf but not weight? By mass do you mean muscle? Maybe i'm reading that wrong but you can't lose muscle and fat and stay at the same weight. I wouldn't step on a scale to gauge progress anyway. Use the mirror.

    Anyway, here's my .02 based on the info you gave.

    First, i would never train a muscle group more than 1x per week.

    Second, if you start running that much you will lose a hell of a lot of muscle (which, if that truly is your goal, is one of the best ways to do it) but in doing so, it's going to be harder to lose any bf

    Third, I wouldn't advise taking t3 at all.

    Fourth, 70g of carbs is very low especially if you're going to be doing that much cardio. You might want to think about cycling them throughout the week so you have a few higher days in there. Carbs aren't the enemy if they're clean.

    Congrats on the changes you've made already.
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    what she said...

    plus try splitting up cardio (fat loss) and weight training (muscle building) into two different sessions. Preferably cardio in the morning on an empty stomach and weight training in the evening.

    Btw, congrats with your current progress!


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    Takara if I were you put a sledge hammer to your scale....or at least don't freak out if you see the scale go up, muscle is denser then you will have periods where you ga in, but you're gaining muscle....

    you got some great advise and you're on the right track.....cardio early morning go back later to lift....
    make sure you're feeding your bodythought out the day.....


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