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    Thought id sign up on here, been flick threw the forums for a few week, you guys seem to know your stuff deffinetly.


    Im 17, Trained in the past, just started again been doing it for around a month now.

    one question i cant get a straight answer on is steroids , some people say do it but becarefull, others think im a complete idiot.

    im really dying to start a cycle. just need to know some pointers etc.

    probely be using D-Bols.

    Weight: 117lb

    Chest: 37 & Half Inches

    Bicep: 12 & half inch



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    Last time i was training i trained for 4months, on a healthy diet Eating ALOT of carbs and proteins,

    after the 4month i noticed no changes in my apperance main reason i stopped.

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    Welcome, bro. Unfortunately you need to be 18 to be a member here, so you'll be suspended shortly. You are too young to juice, your body is still developing and it could really **** you up, especially in the long run. Definitely check out the diet and workout forums and build a good plan to go forward with. I guarantee you'll see results if you're doing those right. See you when you're 18! Good Luck!

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    you're about to be suspended, but forget about steroids for several years, head to the diet section and start reading.

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    ^^exactly. steroids will do way more damage then good in your body. you will be suspended until your 18th birthday when you be able to post again but in the mean time check out the diet section and supplement section and learn how to eat. there are alot of people here that lift everyday and shoot alot of steroids but are still 190lbs because they dont know how to eat properly. eating properly is honestly one of the most important things in bodybuilding and its essential to learn. see you in a few months bro. you'll still be able to read you just wont be able to post
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    You are way to young to juice up...please take our advices.
    Check this link

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    see you in 4 months when you turn 18... until then read all you can and take the advise of those that have been there..
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