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    Hey, just starting out.

    Hey everyone im just really starting to get into the bodybuilding scene, i've been on and off the gym for a few months now, no diet, no training regimen and no real goal are the main reasons I never actually changed my body at all. Now i've decided since I took 2 months off the gym and I feel I actually wanna get into it that i'm going to try. Im currently 19, 5'9/5'10, 180-185lbs and id say probably 14-18%bf. No real diet as of yet, im trying to bulk so i've just been eating a decent meal with a good mix of protein/carb/fats every 2-2.5hrs. I will get a diet in check along with a workout schedule within the next week or two. My long term goal is 200lbs at around the same bf or a little higher. Short term is to put on as much weight as I can in the next couple months hoping to hit 190 but January. Some pics are attached let me know if I have no potential at all and should give up now, cause then ill work even harder just to show that I can or honestly tell me the first thing I should look into. Thanks for reading!!
    PS. I did previously work out but nothing major (once a week for a couple months about a year ago) thats why my whole body lacks, I know my chest and arms are the worst though. Current split/workout is also lacking but I try to do monday:chest/bi's, tuesday:back/tri's, wed:usually rest, thurs:shoulders/traps, fri:legs sat:rest, sunday:restart. Let me know if anything doesnt workout or if thats to confusing. Thanks
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    Welcome! You definitely have potential, and you're approaching it correctly. Just get a diet sorted and a nice workout split and you'll be off to a very good start! Check out the stickies in the forums if you haven't already, lots off good info there.

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    Welcome to AR and keep up the good work

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    Yeah man, welcome and hope you get the gains you want.

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    Welcome to AR

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    Welcome to the site bro, seems like you have a pretty good thought on what needs to happen. Just need to put forth the motivation and get on it. Happy hunting

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