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    Thanks for the Info

    I've been reading, and reading, and reading this site.

    It's really awesome guys seriously.

    I've learned more about diet here than I ever have since I've been working out.

    I found this site after a friend told me about using AAS to help with joint pain.

    A year ago I was in a biking accident and broke both of my elbows, and had to have surgery to correct. I have a fair amount of stiffness still in my right elbow... that one looked like a jigsaw puzzle on the x-ray.

    I've been steadily getting back in the gym, but it's been a very slow road. But now I'm doing fairly well. Although I've gained about twenty pounds that need to come off.

    Right now I still can't do any kind of compression exercises on my arms... benchpress, etc. but I've been using alternate methods with success.

    Anyway I actually still have no idea what kind of AAS I should look into for joint pain, as I've just been in the nutrition section of this site for about a month just watching the vids about macros and reading posts about different diet techniques etc.

    Man if this kind of resource was available to me ten years ago... wow I would have probably made SIGNIFICANTLY better gains.

    And I would have saved tons of dough from crap supplements that did pretty much nothing... anyone remember "Cybergenics" hehe old school man.

    My diet was pure crap... and I thought it wasn't heh. But after reading this site I think I'm at least on the right path.

    Anyway, I'm rambling... thanks for a great site!

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    I don't think you are quite ready for steroids yet, have you tried Glucosamine/MSM for joint relief?

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    Thanks man, right now I'm taking something called "Osteo Bi-Flex" which, I believe, is a glucosamine product.

    It's hard to say if it has been helping to tell the truth. I've been on it since my surgery at the suggestion of my surgeon.

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    Welcome to AR

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