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    New Member, from Canada! Have a few questions.

    (Sorry I Posted this on my blackberry and did not see the "DO NOT POST STEROID QUESTIONS HERE" ---> So if someone could move this thread to the appropriate sub-forum I would greatly appreciate it).

    Hello there, just some background information, I am from Canada, a student in University. I'm 19 years old right now. I have been at the gym for the past 10 months. The first two months were strictly cardio, and then I was introduced to weight lifting. I unfortunately do not have any before/after pictures, but one year ago I weighed 225 pounds, with ~22-25% BF at a height of 5"9. Now I'm about 5"9.5 and weigh 185 pounds with 16-18% Body Fat. As far as my routine goes, the first 6 months I have a very structured workout routine. Workout A = Squat, Overhead Press, Deadlift. Workout B = Abs, Chinups/Pull-Ups, Bench Press, and Squaters. Alternate workouts every second day (So 7 workouts every 2 weeks). The last two months I Have been doing "zone and triangular training" and do a lot of varied lifts, similar to a P90X style, so my muscles don't adapt to any specific exercise. In addition, I've cut out all the unhealthy. food from my diet when I began my personal program. I also have about a 75%/25% Protein/Carb ratio for what I eat. I am not currently taking creatine, but I do consume protein powder.

    I've been extremely happy with my results, but I still have a long way to go. I registered here to get some insight about going on a Cutting Cycle for 3 months. My mental image of how I want to visualize myself is to reach ~9-12% BF to show abs, and have relatively large muscles. I'm a fairly short male but I do want to increase my muscle mass, but not to an absurd proportion. I also want to eventually get a "ripped" physique. I've included a picture.

    Given the above information, would a cutting cycle help achieve my goal ? The stacks I've looked into are:

    Clen + Tren75 + Winn50


    Anvar + Tren -Fina + Winstroll + Clenbuterall


    Pituitary Growth Hormone + Deca 200 + D-anabol 25 + Clen

    Furthermore, I am extremely skeptical of buying online. I have no clue which websites are real or fake, so I'd appreciate anyone able to PM me the reputable sellers.

    Finally, I am aware of the risks and I have no poor medical history and I do plan on visiting my two family doctors for an in depth discussion prior to any purchases.
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    Please take the time to read the board rules..

    Please give all stats when asking quetions in the questions and answer forum.

    Stats consist of:

    Cycle history
    Years training

    Also please take the time to read all the educational threads in the q&a forum as most questions can be answered with alittle reading...

    Do not ask me for a source check.

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    Welcome Bro!

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