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Thread: Hi all

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    Hi all

    I need to change my lifestyle and reclaim not so much as my physical health but more importantly my mental health.

    I have been so inconsistent for the last 5yrs and this has really affected me. My problem is consistency and lack of having a solid approach is definitely not a good thing either.

    I'm looking for a solid plan, what is on that paper I eat and nothing else. I don't even know my weight yet but will post it along with a sample of my upcoming diet.

    Being out of shape is not making me happy and i'm tired of chasing my tail, no more excuses, I need this more than anything and I would really like to have positive people and positive advice, I don't have anyone around me here, I am alone but know there are some caring people here, I have heard about this place for a while now and know it has changed people's life's.

    I want to be one of them and I will do the work, but I come here in hopes of receiving some positive advice and guidance.

    Thanks all...will be back soon to post my stats and first approach.

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    Welcome to a great site!!!

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