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Thread: Me! Me! Me!

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    Me! Me! Me!

    Hi Guys

    I am 36yrs old and have been training on and off for the last 18 months, prior to this i have always had a bench but made the common mistake of only training my chest and arms (sporadically), Now with age getting the better of my body im overweight and its all around my abdomen, my nutrition knowledge has improved drastically over the last year, a time in which i have lost 2 stone. A new job has now presented me with the time to focus on getting to where i want to be physically and the reason im on this site is because i have been presented with something to help me on my way, give me a kick start in my next phase, i would appreciate all reply's and advice regarding dosage and order in which to complete the cyclye.

    8 x 1ml Sustanon - 250
    8 x 1ml Decanol - 200
    8 x 1ml Enanthal - 250
    all above are Malay Tiger
    8 x 1ml Winstrol Depot

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    Welcome... repost in the anabolic q&a section for more responses and include your stats.

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