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    My name is Ryan and I am 25 years old. I have been lifting weights on and off since about 17 years old. I have actually started a Ketogenic diet and have been loving it ever since I started about a month and a half ago. I started lifting weights about a month and a half ago as well. I have lost 23 lbs of fat (well mostly). And I am starting to look lean. I am loving the energy associated with Keto and do not plan to stop this lifestyle. Anyway I have recently become interested in Steroids and I have been doing a ton of research. I am someone who is more on the safe side with doing things and I do not plan to do anything crazy with regard to dosages when I pull the trigger. I am not looking to start doing Steroids anytime soon but more so down the road possibly 6 months from now. In the mean time I will be learning as much as I can. I want to make sure I am fully back in shape and have a great base( all muscles developed) before I do a cycle. Now the substance I will be using will be Testosterone Cypionate . That is what I plan to use when I really want to add on to my body once I have been lifting for a solid half year( been lifting on and off since 17). So I am not brand new to lifting just have never used gear. So I thought if I lifted for quite a while that when it came time to use some Tcyp I would look really good. So anyway I have been thinking of a cycle to do and some input would be great because im not sure whether to use AI on cycle or not or whether I have to. I have read that sometimes its pointless to use AI and this has to do with dosages I suppose. Anyway like i said I want to be on the safer side and plan to only use 200mg/week. So this is how it would look. Also I would like to add that my Testosterone levels were barely above 300 when I had my blood drawn back in 2015. So it seems they are on the low side anyway. But they could possibly be better now that its 2 years later almost.

    Week 1 - 10: 200mg Test Cyp (1 shot per week)

    Week 12: Clomid

    Day 1 - 300mg
    Day 2-11 - 100mg/day
    Day 12-21 - 50mg/day

    I got that information from another website about clomid. Does this cycle seem ok? Do you think at only 200mg/week would I have to use an AI on cycle? Like Arimidex ? maybe only use Arimidex every other week? I am slightly scared of gyno but compared to all the other cycles I am reading about it seems that mine is a really light cycle compared to others. Also does HCG need to be added? I want to make sure my testes start working properly. Although I am posting here to learn and to introduce myself. If anyone can help It would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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    Welcome to the board. IMO i would split your injections 2Xs/wk to keep blood levels a little more stable. PCT looks good. Glad you have done your homework.

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    Welcome to the forum, that is a very very bad idea. Pls post in the Q&A for help as this section is just for intros.

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    Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your cycle!

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