Been reading the forums on here since being diagnosed with ED related to blown thyroid. On TRT, HcG and B-Vitamin shots in various capacities since 2010. Even tried HGH (expensive). Work out 4 days oer week on average. White collar executive. Diagnosed with Autoimmune Hypothyroidism in late 2016. Already impacted left side of heart by the time it was caught. Looking at me, one would never guess. They missed it during previous tests since T3 & T4 were "within reference range." Doc said that autoimmune part of hypothyroidism is seldom seen in men, so regularly missed. ED occurred out of nowhere one day at 49.5 yrs old and was moderate. Unlike typical males that think a blue or white pill will solve it, I began seeing every specialist I could get into, until finally seeing a second cardiologist and finding out how important the thyroid is and how much it can mess up everything else. Told me some men have it and don;t know it eventually could lead to sudden heart failure if the thyroid is left untreated. Mine sat undetected for 15 years. Hereditary. Have since gone on a dietary mission and holistic approach. WP Ultra Pure Thyroid meds daily. Gluten/dairy/soy/lettuce/peanut/sugar free diet. Lost 32 lbs of water and excess bloat in 10 weeks. Same exercise regimen, different approach. Healthier than ever at 50. Switched from TRT shots to pellets to reduce hematocrits. Utilized this site, and am thankful for it and for all the advice. Discovered E2 correlation on here. Also Trimix - WOW. And MT-2 / PT-141. Will write about all in separate threads. Anyway, decided to start contributing rather than just taking.

Stats PRE thyroid treatment: 6'2, 220, 48" chest, 36" waist

Stats POST thyroid treatment: 6'2, 188, 48" chest, 31" waist

Thanks Guys, Mike