I know what you thought when you first read this. "What a dumbass" but hear me out.

I'm 18 - 5'4 - 140 lbs

First I was a varsity power lifter 9th grade. 100 lbs lifting with beasts. Strength gains through the roof even tried dirty bulking. Gained 4 lbs... 5000+ calories. 300+ lb squat & deadlift.
Been on a clean diet and heavy workout plan since then. Both parents Asian. 5'2 and 5'10.

Recently cut down for the roids. Haven't done them yet... Could be heavier, but limit my leg workouts because I model and it's not athstetically pleasing with my short stature especially since those are the only muscles I can grow crazy fast.

That being said I already have done my research and blood work. Even had x-rays on my growth plates. Doctor wanted to give me hgh & test for my height but my plates already closed. Big disappointment there. Average T. Slightly elevated E. Naturaly low Blood Pressure and heart rate.

Diet plan right now.

3 eggs breakfast with milk
Whey protein shake.
2 servings of rice and sirloin - water
2 servings of rice and chicken breast - water
Ribeye - milk
Whey Protein shake

Gym in my garage with free weights squat racks and everything.

Workout heavy weights for 1 hour 5 days a week.

I honestly don't desire HUGE gains. I want to be more aethstetic. But that requires gains. Also the slight possibility I might grow with hgh. As dumb as that sounds I want to do it.

1st cycle plan. All injectable. Pyramid scheme.
Starting with

50cc cypionate 2x per week along with aromasin & HCG . (Doin. My best not to fuck up my shit not trying to overdo this, keeping it very minimal)

Pct - clomid and HCG

I haven't seen any threads on how to stack hgh with your first cycle and or how dumb I am to do it so please, share your opinions any and all will help. I won't take offense.

Guys local keep trying to convince me to do deca or tren but I keep seeing on threads that that's dumb so I'm refraining on that and trying to keep it simple except of course the HGH.

I already have a good source, will get needles from local pharmacy. Have prepared about 6 months for this, read all the beginner threads and researched like a good Asian