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Thread: Help Wanted!

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    Lightbulb Help Wanted!

    To introduce myself, my name is Collin, I am twenty years old, and have been an active athlete most of my life. I played football and ran track throughout high school and middle school, but naturally I am very slim build. Coming out of high school I weighed merely 165 pounds at 6'2'', and since that time I had desperately making efforts to increase muscle mass and definition.
    In the two years since high school graduation, I have meticulously managed my diet and exercise routines, sinking large amounts of time and money into the proper nutrition, supplements, and workout routines. Genetically, things are not on my side - although I have managed to put on twenty pounds of weight in the last year. Currently, however, I feel myself plateauing once again, as my body cannot keep up with my efforts, and as of late - the last few months - I have seen little progress in my lifts.
    I am interested in any imformation you all could give me regarding beginning an anabolic steroid cycle/training programs to go along with the process/personal success stories any of you all have. I feel like anabolic steriods are the elephant in the room for a lot of huge, formerly skinny guys and in fitness communities who have experienced many positive results, respite a lot of demonization by people relatively ignorant about their use. I have also heard some positive stories from former users who continue, in old age long after use, to be massive specimens in good health.

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    Welcome to the forum Collin.
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    Welcome hit our question and answer section.
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    Welcome to the forum, Collin! Yes bro, hit up the Q&A section. There's a lot of very knowledgeable guys there that will answer your questions in detail.
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