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    Hello! Need Feedback!

    I am 50 yr old male been on Test Cypionate 200 mg ones a week for 15 months. Also take 81mg asprin a day. I started having problems Problems with my Blood Prussure and heart rate going up high to the point I ended up,in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. I went and had stress test and Eco cardio gram and Cardiologist is Balming the Testosterone on my heart problems, said my heart was only working at 38%. Said I had to stop the Testosterone Immediately. I stopped cold turkey 3weeks ago, He put me on 20 mg Linispril for BP twice daily and Coreg 6.5 twice daily. Going back tomorrow to see DR. * I was aslo drinking a sugar free Monster energy every day and taking large amouts of sudafedrine for sinus problems. I was taking 2 of the red sudafed tablets 3 times a day so I was told this was very bad and certainly cause the high heart rate and high Blood pressure! After three weeks of cold turkey quiting Test I have crashed big time the Coreg makes me feel exhusted and my heart and BP still come up high if I don;t take Meds twice a day. My question is has anyone else experienced this? I know so many guy's doing way more Cyp then I was doing. I took only 1 cc a week, I know guys doing 2 or 3 a week. I loved the Benefits of test, I do not want to stop but if it is what I have to do to live longer then I will. Dr. says the meds will eventually get my heart pumping right again I had no blockages, I was lifting 3 to 5 days a week, but may have a torn PEC right now so I have been off 3 weeks waiting for MRI results. Sucks to be ME right now! Feed back really appreciated! (My Dr. that prescribes my test been on test 20 years is a year older then me, I was on it only 15 months.)

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    Welcome to the forum, post this in the TRT section.

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    Hi Twopak. Post your questions in either the Questions and Answers section or the TRT section. You will get many more responses. Good luck bro!

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