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Thread: Hi - its me.

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    Hi - its me.

    Hi All,

    AGE: 45
    WT: 185
    BF: 17%
    Working out: 4 years

    Long time lurker, finally joined. I wanted to get smarter before I jumped into the pool so to speak. Been working out with a trainer for 4 years. Prior to that - never really touched a weight in my life. Best decision of my life to walk into that gym. Started to hit a ceiling with what I could lift about 2 years into my training. Also noticed some low. Level was at about 200 IIRC. Got put on a TRT about 18 months ago. 200mg CYP. Started every 14 days, changed to 10 days and I'm now at every I'm married to the needle and don't mind at all, especially now that I'm mid 40's, so no big deal. I'm able to BP 225 now, dead is at 365 and squat is 385. Not giant numbers by any stretch but better than I was yesterday.

    I'm out of country now so I haven't been with my trainer for about 7 months but I have been doing 5-3-1 religously and love it. I'm in month 2 of the hard gainers 3 month challenge.

    So I'm here now and ready to jump into the program to see where it takes me. I'm lucky enough to be in a country now where I can buy pretty much anything pharma OTC. I've managed to get Testoviron 250 AMPS, Danabol, Chlomid, Arimidex and Nolvadex . Just waiting to pull the trigger on my first cycle outside of my TRT. I'm a bit cautious about what i put in my body so I'm waiting on some filter needles to pull from the amps.

    Plan is to run a 12 week cycle of the Testoviron kickstarted with DBOL and some Arimidex as an AI with the chlomid and Nolva on hand just in case. After cycle - plan is to cruise on the TRT.

    So here I am saying hi. Learned a lot so far, looking forward to learning more.

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    Welcome to the forum, post this in the Q&A for the best help.

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    Welcome to the forum! Be sure and post your question in the Q & A section. It's good to have you here!

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    Welcome to the forum!

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