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    New member on 1st cycle with questions

    Hey gearheads, Im a new member here and have a few questions regarding my 1st trt cycle. Im 3 weeks into cycle on test e 200mg pinning 1.5cc twice a week. I just start arimedex 1mg eod last weekend.
    Im 54, 190 lbs, 5'10", i think 17% bf.

    Quick history, ive felt like shit for 4 years, no drive, no libido whatsoever, tired and fatigued all the time.

    My doctors couldnt find anything until I started doing my own research and came across low T. I had my levels checked and low and behold my T was low, like 230.

    I asked mr dr for some test since it seemed to be the root of my problems. Hes very conservative and said we need to bump T up just enough to get in the normal range. Im biting my tongue and like fuck that! Lets get it in the high range and see if I can feel normal or better again.

    So first he prescribes the gel, then I go out on my own and find some 200 test e and start pinning 1.5cc twice a week. I followed up with him and made my case for injectible and he writes me up for 100mg 50cc test cyp twice a week.
    (I havent pinned the 100 cyp yet and have been using the 200 test e I was able to get.)

    Now I go back for first blood work next mon. If my test is anywhere in normal range I know hes going to say it worked and either cut it off and wait for it to drop again or keep me on the low 100 dose or less, or even gel.

    So my question is, how many days should I stop pinning before my trough labs. I need my T to be low to get him to up the dose to a more standard dose of 200 or 250 and increase the cc. Ive read that even up to 500mg is not abusing it and perfectly fine.

    I have trough labs monday, and then next day supposed to pin and take post labs. Im thinking of pinning 100mg 50cc post labs. If my labs are next mon, should I pin fri and have the weekend to let test drain from my system? Anything else I can do to help drop test right before trough labs?

    Appreciate any feedback on my cycle, what to do for pre labs and post labs. Thank you

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    Welcome Sawgrass!

    Do yourself a favor. Copy and paste your post into a new thread in the AAS Q & A Forum. That's where you'll get multiple answers. This is just for intro's.


    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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    Thanks Kel. BTW nice Bagger! Is that yours or just avatar?

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    Welcome to the forum.

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