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    Need some advice

    Hello, I stumbled across this forum mainly for advice and information about what i've actually gotten myself into in a much more reliable way, I am 17 years old. I have been weight lifting for a year. My goals have been very limited due to my weight, I was quick to notice that i was not eating enough at all, my metabolism is extremely fast, only recently I got my shit together and started eating better, I had a 5 kilo gain from 53kg to 58kg in 4 weeks, my goal is 65kg, I am proud of my current results, and my problem is, that my step-dad which has been doing weights for a while, and has reached his potential. Because i do have a history of being able to get drugs, he asked if i could get steroids and that he would get some for me, so i did all the research, because weight is a major annoyance for me, i thought that i could utilise small amounts of it to gain more weight etc. I am not particularly interested in having a massive body, I just want a boost, because I know by the end of the military training, most of my mass will be gone more than likely.

    So, it is both my fault and his that i dragged myself into it, i had my first injection today (2/08/17) and me being the paranoid person i am, because the way i obtained this was no through extremely trustworthy means, I did 0.2ml of testosterone propionate , i chose that because of the short ester, which hopefully wouldn't be detected in a week or too unlike test-e.

    I would like to know how to deal with all this, because i do feel pressured to do it, my main concern is how much should i be using, or what would be the recommended dose, given that youth already have high test levels, i haven't got mine checked yet, i was going to get my bloods done this week, so basically id just like to know what should i expect when i get off this, or should i even do it, and how much of it should i take to keep in the safer side of things. Thank you and sorry for the long post.

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    The fact a stepdad,would ask a 17 year old to obtain steroids for him,clearly demonstrates one thing.
    He doesn't give a flying fuck about you.
    Your weight has increased,because you realised you weren't consuming enough food.Your metabolism
    is fast...great,that's perfectly healthy,and will help you stay trim.Your testosterone levels will naturally be
    sky high,so you shouldn't be messing with them,by taking drugs.
    Let me make an analogy; you drink a gallon of water a day,do you think drinking an extra spoonful is going
    to make a difference?Well,that's what you're doing with the test,apart from the fact that long term,it's a lot
    more serious.
    You do NOT need any synthetics to grow,you need food,exercise,sleep and time,and they're legal and perfect
    for a 17 year old.
    Here's a piece of good advice; take no more gear after today,and take no more advice from the idiot you call

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    Thank you, I will stick to natural and try to dispose of the gear discreetly or something.

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    Welcome glad to see your smart enough to stay away from aas refer your step father here.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    welcome aboard

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    Weird situation.

    I started around your age and am now reliant on testosterone . Keep making them natty gains bro!

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    Just give your stepdad the gear and send him here. You shouldn't be on it at all my man

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