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    Question 10 years since my last cycle and looking for input

    Hi All, Just started my first cycle in about 10 years. In the past I have always bought directly from pharmacies in Mexico because I used to work on a cruise ship... that said, those days are long behind me and I recently bought some Deca and Sust from my cousins buddy. My cousin seems to trust and have a good friendship with the guy so i didnt question the source.

    I'm 36 years old and currently about 187lbs 17% body fat. The first time I juiced I noticed really rapid recovery times, I was super hungry 24/7 and felt incredibly rested when I woke up in the morning, even with 7 hours of sleep. that was 15 years ago and this time around I'm not noticing any of that.. So far the only thing I notice after about a week and a half is that I'm sweating a lot at the gym compared to before I started this cycle. The injection site is a little sore the next day and much more sore for 2-3 more days which again I have never experienced in the past. I seem to be more sore the day after a workout than I would be had I not been juicing.

    I guess at the end of the day Im wondering if my gear is junk or if the fact that it's been like 10 years since my last cycle just means my body isnt the same as it used to be.

    Im doing a pretty chill cycle: 1ml or sust and .5 ml of deca on mondays and fridays.

    I'd love any input on what you guys think? Am I being paranoid and impatient or does it sound like I have garbage gear?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome ask your questions in the question and answer section.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome to the forum! Give your gear a couple more weeks. You might want to get some blood work mid cycle and check your levels. Good luck!

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