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Thread: 33/M on first cycle, wondering where to post my questions

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    Post 33/M on first cycle, wondering where to post my questions

    Hello All,

    I'm a 33/M currently on my first cycle and looking for some advice. I ran Test E for 4 weeks at 250mg/week to see how my body responded. Everything was good, so jumped up to Test E 250mg twice a week. Now rolling into week 8 at 500mg a week. Was going to run it for 12-16 weeks depending on how things are going.

    Currently haven't gotten bloods because I'm still trying to figure out how to avoid having it show up on my personal health records for life (I'm in Canada). Currently I am not running any AIs to see how my body responds to estrogen. Have had zero symptoms it seems of anything so far. I'll have the occasional bloating, but nothing major so it seems. Blood pressure is higher, averaging around 140/80, resting heart rate is around 80-85. Weight is up 20lbs and I've added 40 lbs to my squat, so strength is doing really well.

    My biggest question is I want to complete at powerlifting event in early June, but I'll need to qualify at a meet in the end of April. Now I'm wondering if I just stay on, like some powerlifters have told me at 500mg/week until June - which to me seems way to long. I was thinking of blasting and cruising, dropping down to a TRT dose for 4-6 weeks to give my body a rest, work on some cardio and ramp up for the meet in June.

    Looking for thoughts/advice or where I should properly post this.


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    Welcome, you will get more responses from the questions and answers section.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome bro.

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    Welcome, post that questions in the Q&A section and you will get a lot of help

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    Thank you.

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