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    Wink BDJ - Awesome to join finally

    Hey all, glad to be here, my name is Dale, I've lurked for awhile on this forum and can't thank you all enough for the info you've put out, I was going to be stupid and start a cycle way too soon but now I'm going to get my base setup as best as I can until I turn roughly 25 or 26 before I even start thinking about my first cycle, I'm looking forward to talking to and learning from you guys!
    Trained for 4 years, 1yr seriously
    Currently serving in the Army but I'm not really able to lift or do much for my military career due to a partially torn rotatory cuff and fractured scapula until roughly March of 2019 so it sucks watching the gains slowly go away.

    Finance and Business Management Major. Interests are movies, games, bar-b-ques, heavy metal or edm style music, meeting people, hiking and of course working out.
    May the Gainz be with you, always.

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