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Thread: Riding the TRT Rollercoaster

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    Riding the TRT Rollercoaster


    I’ve been lurking here for a while and am so grateful for this website. I’ve been riding the TRT rollercoaster for about a year and a half now, going through doctors who really had no clue about balancing male hormones, Even worse, those who thought they knew what they were doing but didn’t. I eventually realized that I was going to have to take control of this myself and started researching. I have to say I was totally blown away by the amount and quality of information I discovered here. A true game changer, going into a doctors office and being able to have an intelligent conversation or at least knowing enough to ask the right questions…the look on my primary Dr’s face when I started talking protocols, hpta, shutdown, etc. etc. Priceless!

    Like most here I have been involved in athletics in one form or another. Lifting, martial arts, long distance biking, etc. As I’ve gotten older (just turned 60) it’s gotten harder, takes longer and hurts more. Getting on a proper TRT protocol will change your life. Unfortunately there is a lot of resistance and miss-information about the “evils of Testerone ” and ”Toxic Male Masculinity”, as you age, society seems to want men to go quietly into the night.

    Sorry, that aint my style.

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    That's the fear I have. The doctors don't always know what they're talking about. When my wife was pregnant with my daughter, we asked one of her Drs a bunch of questions, they Googled the answers for us. Right in front of us...
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    Welcome Rumble! Self-education is so important in the TRT world.
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