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    Hello! And quick question on clomid + natural supps

    Hey everyone. I have been searching various things on here and have enjoyed this site so far. I have tried some pro-hormones in the past that I wouldn't try again, but did require PCT and I have dug deeper and deeper into just using the real thing. My Dad actually in his 50's started cycling and was a beast. Luckily he was smart about it surely due to being an Anesthesiologist. He's not around anymore so I can't just get mine through him or I probably would. There are several reasons why I currently cannot run a legit cycle like I'd like. I turn 30 this month and started lifting with my Dad when I was 12 believe it or not.

    So here's something I'm about to try based on various studies. I don't think it's overkill or harmful because:

    -Your testes can only make so much test
    -Everyone is different so the data in studies doesn't hold true for every individual (So I'm taking a shotgun approach as some of these supplements might be redundant or might use different pathways)

    Clomid 25mg
    Boron 10mg
    Forskolin (Carbolin 19) 20mg
    Calcium D-glucarate 1500mg
    DIM 200mg

    Seems like I should see a boost in test with good control of estrogen. Any chance these supps could actually cause my E to drop too much? I've seen a couple guys on clomid alone with what seemed like questionably high E2 so I thought adding DIM and Calc D-Glucarate would help.

    I'm 5'11" and 200 lbs. Bench 315, deadlift 405, Squat 405 and shoulder press 90 lb DB's during my 5x5 routine (use to clean and press bodyweight, but injured my right bicep so I just quit that shit). I have recently re-acquired these personal benchmarks and am now moving onto a more bodybuilding routine.

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    Hello and welcome! You probably want to post a separate with your additional questions and recent blood work to get more input, but since I'm here...

    I did the OTC thing for a while. I think it is highly unlikely that these supps will lower E2 too much. Clomid can be good solo, you can check my details here.

    I think everything will begin with current blood work, though.

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