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    Newbie TO the site :) HELLO GUYS n GALS

    Firstly ill say my Name liam and personal stats are

    19 years old
    inaccurate measurment of bf

    My story: Played sports since early age (hockey from age 4-current) and i developed a natural love for sports so igot involved in soccer and lacrosse, this is where the injuries happend, I have always had a kind of bigger build to my body even when i was reallly low fat and weight(always a bit bigger and stronger than friends of same age and heigh).I first broke my ankle when iwas 13 with reoccuring injuries in the same spot till i had to quit sports all together. In my senior highschool year my school finally made a football team and i joined, with no experieince i was a natural at it. I was scouted to a university team only after playing a couple games, during this time i was about 215 pounds. I broke my ankle once again in the play offs and decided to take it easy once i graduated.. i tried to play hockey the next september and 2 months into it i dislocated my shoulder.. it was a really bad injury that continues to this day to bother me but ive been working with injury therapists (forgot what there called again). in these 8 months it was not a very active time for me and i put on alot of fat and weight unfortunatle. My girl friend notices it and everyone around me aswell. So i took a stand last week after being a lazy fatass for a long time, and decided to take my ass to the gym and see how my shoulder held up. It didnt really hurt at all i iced after wards just to make sure. Im moving away next year for school where ill kind of iscolated to my appartment school and the gym. So im hoping nextyear is my chance to finally get back to my physical appearance i once was so proud of. |

    My goals

    I would like to be able to atleast have some definition in my stomach
    Lower my BF % to a much more healthy level.
    I would like to hit the physical strength i once had and even pass it while lowering body fat at the same time.

    Sorry if my story bothers you and i wasted minutes of your life to read it but i want to get involved a little bit with this site and i thought if you got to know where im coming from it would all work better .

    Also: When and if i decide to use the supplements provided here i will give every day feed backs and results so others can learn from me.

    If anyone has a good diet plan to help me get started on speeding up motabolism and maintaining a good amount of energy throughout the day and protein while burning fat/loosing weight, it would be so much appreciated thanks!!

    Nice to pre-meet you all ,

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    also my friend suggested i try clenbuterol for cutting fat.. i was curious if anyone has some insight as to when i should look more into this. i have researched it but im torn between using it now or when my body fat is harder to cut like 15%ish

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    Feel free to start threads in the appropriate section for advice.

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    welcome!!! read the stickies brotha, lots of good info there!!!

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