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Thread: hi from canada

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    hi from canada

    Hi there, I'm a dentist from Ontario, Canada, mid thirties, never tried AAS, and would say I'm an experienced but casual lifter, I work out 4 days a week, but keep it pretty simple. I'm ready to ramp things up, but really looking into HGH for its anti aging properties and benefits. This place has been an amazing resource. My big Question is where to start. I would like to find a doctor who can guide me, but I am pretty clueless where to go. If anyone has any suggestions, i would be greatful! Thanks for this amazing site.

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    welcome from canada.

    dr.'s will be pretty will learn alot here by reading and on other canadian bodybuilding forums ...make some friends and READ READ READ
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    Check out the q and a section here. Read the stickies throughout the board there very helpful.

    Theboss- edit that link out of your post. It's against the rules.

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    welcome aboard

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