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    What is the best route

    I think i am low on testosterone . I will most likely get it prescribed to me from my doctor. At least I hope so. If that fails, what is the best place to buy it? I have been looking around the site but I am not sure how to make heads or tails of it all. The shit the doctor is going to prescribe is that shit you rub on, I heard that is not the rite stuff for the boost I would like to receive.
    I would like to inject it.
    When you get a vile do you have to use the whole bottle?
    I am not looking to be Greg Valentino. I would like a little more vigor, if you know what i am saying. Energy, modest gains, weight loss, belly weight loss.
    I am making some nice head way on weight loss rite now, i think i need the test.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You are a candidate for TRT. go to hormone replacement therapy forum and do some research, all your answer is there.
    Its easy to do it, there is a lot of clinic out there with doctors that could prescribe you testosterone .
    I'm on TRT and love it.
    There some members here with more experience that my self willing to help you, please add you stats to your post.

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    TRT will not get you cycle-level doses of Test, but blood work will show if you really need it.

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    Welcome to the board bro!

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    hi there

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