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Thread: Whats up guys!

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    Whats up guys!

    Hey everyone im new to the site!

    I recently decided to take supplements that are more elite then just any musclepharm or gaspari product!
    Im a noob to the steroid products but im here to seek help and find answers.

    Today i did order Test 600x and Anavar . I do not want to get massive im more into staying cut up and fast.

    I have a great workout cycle in the gym and i run and cycle daily with my workouts. Usually a 3-7 mile run or a 50 mile ride.

    Also i am a vegetarian but eat fish as well, 21 yrs old and 170 lbs with 13% body fat.

    Im hoping these two things with my workout and diet will help me get to a physique i never obtained before and gain strength at the same time!

    Anyone have any tips or comments? Thanks guys!

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