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    TRENBOL DEPOT- first cycle advice. heard some nasty things bout this stuff!!!

    So i recently got a bottle of trenobol depot. 25ml 100mg/ml. Will be taking for 6 weeks.

    from what I've found and heard this is an every other day or every 4 day dosage of 100-150mg with can yield some nasty sides!

    Im 28 200 lbs 6ft4 13% bf.
    been training and playing sports for ten years off and on. in the past I've done some hgh which was pretty positive!

    I guess my main questions are how much, when to administer, anything to take on cycle to combat sides and a pct that would be recommended. I understand the increase in food intake will be pretty substantial to keep up with the tren protein and carb synthesis. there are a lot of threads out there that recommend taking a test along side of the tren is that necessary? I also herd that it will increase my progesterone levels witch will be unpleasant. I'm posting this thred to assist in my research not as a soul resource of info.

    Thanks for reading
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