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    Ready to take this to the next level

    Hello, new member here. Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 23 yrs old, 5 11", 195lbs. Have about 3 years of lifting experience. Been lifting consistently for the past year (fell off for a while after high school).

    After getting back into the gym last summer I understandably made gains quickly in size and strength. About 3 months ago after things started slowing down I decided to try and drop some body fat so I started researching and experimenting with my diet for the first time and adding more cardio and went from weighing 212 down to 195 where I'm at now (it fluctuates in the low-mid 190s) . I seem to have lost a little strength and mass but for the most part my lifts aren't significantly less then a few months ago and I look better and leaner. It's a little frustrating working out and not really getting stronger but my goal is to hopefully to continue to lose more bf as I really get my diet dialed in. My actual workout routine could probably use some help too. I've never had my actual bf % calculated but I do plan to get more precise about everything as I progress and results become harder to achieve. Once I'm satisfied with where I'm at I'll probably look at ways to switch things up and add more lean body mass but for now I'm content with keeping what I have and continuing to drop bf% while I get my nutrition and everything in order.

    I've never used anabolic steroids and I don't need them yet since I know I can still improve naturally but once I feel I've really hit my peak naturally I'll take another look. I joined this forum because after doing some reading I've already learned a lot just from old threads and stickied guides and it seems like a lot of the membership here is made up of people who are really serious about taking this hobby to a higher level then the average person and that's what I'm looking for.

    So that's a little introduction about me, happy to be here!

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    Welcome brother...sounds like you have a solid head on your shoulders...good luck.

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