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    Hi guys,first post. need advice on 2nd cycle. Please help

    Hey Guys, Been lurking around for a few months now reading and learning as much as I can before I ask any real questions. I am 5’10” 185 and been training for 10 years. I am 33 years old and want to start my second cycle and need some advice. My first cycle was just sus 250 for 8 weeks. I know it should have been longer and I planned it to be but the gear ran out and could not get more as promised. This time I am running Sus 250 with deca 100. I have 30 vials of sus 250 and 60 vials of Deca 100. I also have 30 pills of nolva for pct. The more I read the more confused I get. I don’t have to take all I have, just want a good cycle. Right now I cant get anything else. The question is do I have what I need to do a good, safe cycle? I was told to run 500mg of sus and 400mg of deca. Would love a time table of when to start and stop each one. I think I should stop deca 2 weeks before the sus and wait 3 weeks after the sus to begin the nolvadex . I am looking for any advice for my needs from the many experts on here. Thanks in advance. Its just the more I read the more questions I have.

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    Welcome...You have enough for the proposed cycle and enough for a 14 week test, 12 week deca but that's cutting it close due to the fact you might break some of those amps. a 12 test and 10 deca would be safer. How bout HCG , AI? and some clomid to go w/that Nolva?

    You'll get more views and responses if you post this in the Q&A.

    Good Luck

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    Welcome to the Board...

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