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    Post Overweight, looking to turn my health around....

    Hi, I'm a 57 year-old male, 6'1", 252 lbs, mostly around mid-section. Probably press 50 lbs. You would definitely kick sand in my face if you saw me on the beach.

    I "discovered" T when I read an article about HRT leading to unexpected weight loss over the long term for male subjects. Further reading suggested that T also helps with clarity of thought, energy levels, self-confidence. Sought out help from my Dr. and got an Rx for Axiron, 2 pumps.

    I felt great for about 3 days, including actually wanting to exercise. (I exercise regularly, but it is a real struggle, and I don't manage as much vigor as would be beneficial -- as evidenced by my pathetic gut and wimpy arms/shoulders.) Curiously, it got much easier to do my work (computer programming)!. Everything just made sense, and my memory worked better. I think my brain functions much better with more T! Now, I'm as subject to placebo effect as anyone, but I also know my body and my mind. I had 3 days of unmistakable, dramatic, improvement.

    Of course, my body quickly turned down native T production, and likely started converting the exogenous T to estrogen.

    Talked to Dr; switched to Androgel 1.62%, 3 pumps. Each pump has 20.25 mg of bio-identical T, so that's ((3 x 20.25) * 7) = 425.25 mg of T per week. But, I read that only about 10% of that actually gets absorbed through the skin. So, ~40 mg/week. Still, I only felt marginally better. Remembering the first 3 days on TRT, I know that my body / brain can respond much more strongly. I suspect that my endogenous production was just turned down by the amount I was rubbing in.

    Switched doctor in 3rd month, seeking a more effective dose. Here is my blood work, taken while on the 3 pumps Androgel, as submitted to new doctor. I was also taking an over-the-counter anti-estrogen:

    - Testosterone , total: 860 ng/dL, reference: 240-950
    - Testosterone, free: 34 ng/dL, reference: 9-30
    - Estradiol: 34 pg/mL, reference range: < 20-47

    (There were lots of other things tested, I figure these are the 3 critical values for this discussion group?)

    New Dr. has prescribed:

    1 -10 cc vial of Testosterone Cypionate200 mg/ml- $145
    1 -10 cc vial of Nandrolone Decanoate 200 mg/ml- $240
    90 tabs of Anastrozole .5mg (Anti Estrogen)-$270
    Syringes (for the testosterone)- $8
    $65 Dr. Fee/Shipping
    Total:: $728

    I injected 1 CC each of the test cyp and nand dec 6 days ago. I take the Anastrozole every day. Again, I felt pretty good for a couple days. Critically, I felt like exercising, and did. But, it has gone back to being a struggle for the last few days.

    I am about to inject my second week's dosage, 1 day early, in the hope that the tail-end of the first week's dose will complement the 2nd.

    My goals are just to be able to live and work well:

    - be able to do both strength and endurance training, vigorously. Feel like doing it!
    - reduce fat, gain lean muscle.
    - feel confident and clear-headed.

    I'm trying to figure out whether I should ask for a higher dose of T, higher dose of anti-estrogen, or whether I'm already at optimal doses, and I should just be happy with my "sometimes I feel better than I used to" status...

    Please comment on dosages, alternative steroids that might help, even on the amount I'm paying for what I'm getting.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome! you are in the right place. I would cut and paste your entire post and post it in the hrt forum. You will be in great hands there. Also my knee jerk is that .5 adex ed is way too high and it is likely your e2 levels are way low following that protocol.
    Welcome to the forum !

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to the board

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    Welcome, and good luck reaching your goals!

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    Welcome to the Board...

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