First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for contributing their knowledge here. I have a question about long term gyno. I've had moderate gyno ever since I was 12. It was non steroid induced as I have never taken steroids in my entire life. The gyno is neither extreme, nor mild. Just enough to be noticeable. For example, when I'm very lean you can't tell unless you look for it. This has really pissed me off for quite some time. I saw a plastic surgeon as a last resort and I am thinking of doing the surgery. I was researching and found several sources, one of them, that letrozole may help reverse and eradicate it. I have nothing to lose (other than side effects and money) from attempting this first. I will not be able to schedule gyno surgery until late autumn anyways. Is this worth trying? Or should I not even waste my time/money? I'm not interested in a temporary fix, but may try it if there's some chance it will never return. Any help would truly be appreciated.