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Thread: greetings

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    I would like to introduce myself. I live in the Czech Republic and I found the site becouse I guess I found my natural limits and therefore I was gives 2 possbile scenarios what to do next:
    1) Try to at least maintain what I did achieve
    2) Give it a little push further with help of technology - anabolics

    Now, I am 28, soon to be 29 and have never used in my life. In gym I could and still can do what most people cannot and I am quite happy that I actually achieved my goals. Several years back I promised myself that I would be able to do a dumbbell bench with 60kg. After 4 years I could do 4 solid repetitions. Some of you, I hope, know the feeling . Just pure happiness that all that work resulted in achieving the goal. It takes time, true, but it is worthy. Anyway my personal records:

    DL...250 kg
    Squat...160kg - ye I know...

    Now how I look like? Since I have a personal InBody machine and I love numbers I can give you my measurments. When I switched from powerlifting kind of training to bodybuilding I have gained quite a lot but at one point it just stopped. I have read that we all have limits and by some calculations it seems like I reached mine. Sooo,
    I am 184 cm tall
    Weight: 104kg
    Weight-fat: 93kg
    Weight of muscles attached to bones: 53kg
    125 cm around chest and 42 cm around biceps. My chest is first thing people notice on me and I have bigger chest that guys I know they use anabolics and other stuff and compete.. but I have to say that I am very dissapointed with my puny hands...

    Well that was my best result and just to keep it I had to eat like crazy. It seems that body just does not want that much muscles on me becouse it gets rid of it the first chance it gets. But I can maintain around 49-50kg of muscles attached to bones with normal food. Anything above is just too much it seems.

    So, I would like to try something new for me. Now, I am not an idiot and do not want to rush things therefore I am in the reading phase now. Maybe I ll give it a go in my 30s, I am not sure. But if I wont be able to overstep this naturally I want to do anabolics but step by step like i did when I got into lifting. I remember pushing 16kg dumbbells for first time and it was surely hell of a way to get it to point where I can get 50s and do 10 proper reps with it. No problem no injury. I want to do the same things with anabolics; if I will use them anyway. Steady but surely going up.


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    first person i know to be able to bench more than he can squat lol..
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    I do not squat and deadlift much now. The reason for this is my scoliosis and back problems in the past. It is not like I cant lift 200kg from the ground now, but I rather train differently. A lot of people think that without squats and DL you cant make gains, but that is a big pile of.... When I had most muscles(53kg) I had not Deadlifted nor squatted for over a 5 months prior to that and I still got 6kg of muscles on me from 47 kg...

    I got into bodybuilding just to be safe. I am actually still learning to be in absolute control so that I wont hurt my back like some poeple I know. I think bodybuilding is much healthier if done correctly and one will be still strong as hell.

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    Welcome to the community!

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    Welcome !!

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    Welcome to the forum! Good introduction!

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