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    Hello from Central Texas

    Just saying hello.....lots of good info on this site. Honestly I found this site because I am 53 yrs. I was researching testosterone therapy . My butt was dragging, severe fatigue, beyond hot flashes, hot, and cold spells, night sweats, etc. Sure, I have had my physicals, lab work, but the Docs never check the testosterone . Last Week, I go get tested, and it was so low, I had to come back early the next morning, and get tested again to insure my pituitary gland was working. Wow, had my fingers crossed, and my T result was higher, but still very low in the 200 range. Anyway received my 1st T shot that same day. I figure my past injuries/surgeries in the Army, along with my age contributes to my low T issues. Although I just started low T therapy I am looking for a better program, because I am having to drive a long distance from my home to the clinic to get my shots, so I am on the 2 shot per month program because of the drive.

    I just emailed, and waiting for their reply. If anyone here knows someone from tell them to get in touch with me asap, Thanks. I have read it is better to do treatment on a weekly basis. I am burnt out on blood test, 2 test, plus one girl missed 2 times. If another one is needed I will do it, just want to get it done, and on a steady program without all the driving.

    Anyway the morning after getting my T shot, I noticed my eye sight was sharper, and Grass, leaves, sky, etc was much more brighter (colors). Now 3 days I feel more energy, my internal temperature is stable, hot/cold flashes gone. I figure I am having these fast results because my T levels was so low.

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    Welcome laser there is a few guys here that will help you out post in the hrt the guys there will help you with the Q

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    Welcome to the community.

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    Welcome. You should post this in the TRT section.

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