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    First, thanks for the 3 or so who responded to my 2nd post yesterday. I,m sure one of my entries yesterday concerned some nerve damage, which by the way developed secondary to the knee situation. Anyway, being a Vet I go to a VA Hospital for treatment, was seen in Nurology and twice given a 13 day precription for Prednisone. The EMG test was positive for some localized nerve damage and my next stop is epidural injections. I asked why just a 13 day precription, when every other precription is ongoing. Answer: It will mess you up if not regulated in doses, which I can tell cause the quanity got less and less every few days until it was was gone. Unfortunately, my symptoms are never gone, just managed. I believe what the doc's are saying and I feel they tell everybody that cause its their job. I'm just wondering if there is any thing out there that can be taken like Prednisone but do a much better job than Prednisone does? This inquiring mind wants to know. Thanks for your comments.

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    You won't get a lot of responses in the Introductions Forum. Try reposting in the injuries/rehab forum for more views and assistance.

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    Good luck!

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