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    prescribed oxandrolone

    Hello all,
    I joined the group today in the hopes of gaining KNOWLEDGE.
    I’ve work out most of my life and have been able to build and keep good muscle as well as maintain a relatively low fat point without having to do massive amounts of cardio.
    A few years ago, I started testosterone therapy to offset my low testosterone levels which has definitely made a difference in my life. However, at 53, I noticed recuperation after hard work outs takes much longer and sore muscles seem to last for ever. In fact, minor joint pain sometimes last for months. Though this is undoubtedly a FACT of life for old dogs like me…I don’t believe it should be the norm nor should packing on new muscle be “considered impossible”.
    My Doctor as indicated that he would have no problem prescribing oxandrolone, (80mg per week) for me to take alone with my testosterone to aid in my muscle tissue repair and recuperation as well as to maintain a healthy fat point….if I could afford it.
    When I checked with various pharmacies, the cheapest I found for legal oxandrolone was $5 per 10mg tablet! (Who the F*%K said it was $2 a tablet?)
    My lame insurance doesn’t pay for my testosterone, so I’m sure they won’t pay for my oxandrolone either.
    Any legal solution that anyone can offer for the highway robbery of prescribed oxandrolone would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the community. Repost in our hrt forum with your trt protocol and maybe a copy of your last bloodwork. Joint pain can be related to improper estrogen levels.

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    never heard it any less than 9-10 dollars just pay it and be happy

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    wow thats amazing i wish a doc here would write that in ny! Where the Hell are these drs lol and how r they doing this???? What else an docs legally write

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    So get the legal prescription and buy it overseas.

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