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    I started lifting again a few months ago (haven't in about 6 years, since my wrestling days in high school). I'm 24, 6'3", and currently 250lbs. Not sure what my max in anything is because I don't have a spotter. I want to pump iron not eat it. I found this while searching for information on steroids as I know a few guys that have done them and was curious. I'd like to separate fact from fiction.

    Definitely interested in talking to some guys that have been lifting for years and years. I'm a big believer in learning from other peoples mistakes. (also known as wisdom!)

    In my two months or lifting I've gained about 25lbs, side note, I've never weighed this much before, and my sets have gone up around 20% for each area, more in some less in others. I've discovered diets are key and was shocked at my results when I stuck to my diet.

    I have a few different reasons for lifting. I want to look better, I like how much better I feel mentally and physically, the confidence-boost is nice, it makes my job easier as I do a lot of work with things that have a VERY high resistance (think bow-flex on pun intended), I want to be the only programmer around that's a f'ing beast, and I've been going to college for a few years for computer programming and analysis and work full-time so I haven't had time for a relationship. I feel like I can get a better-quality woman in my life if I'm in excellent shape.

    How's that for an intro?

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    Pretty good. Welcome to the community.

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    Beter quality women, what ? Women that date out of shape guys are bad quality ? good luck

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