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    My GF feels awful so we had labs done. Now what?

    Stats: 30 yr old female 5'2 140lbs 2 kids, zero libido, no energy, constantly tired, grumpy, lethargic.

    Can anyone read these labs.

    Labs n035.pdf

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    The labs look good to me but hopefully someone will have some ideas in the hrt forum..
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    Honestly, these numbers are all within range, assuming they were drawn during ovulation phase (2 weeks after her period). Were thyroid labs taken as well? Many people would be surprised to find that hypothyroidism is responsible for some of the symptoms you are describing. How long ago were the children born? Sometimes women can experience hypothyroidism after pregnancy if there was significant hypotension during delivery. This is called "Sheehan's Syndrome", where the pituitary actually suffers from hypoxia and doesn't function properly for a while. I am not necessarily convinced that is taking place as the rest of her labs are normal, yet would otherwise be abnormal in the setting of Sheehan's. Disclaimer: this is not professional advice. I would definitely suggest thyroid evaluation though. One other thing you might consider, and this also stems from the ages of the kids, how stressed out is she being a mom of 2? That kind of stress will knock a woman's libido and energy right off the block...especially if sleep is chronically compromised. Good luck in finding answers. I hope this helps.

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    What is the doc saying?


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    the doc ordered a thyroid test first and said all is fine. Dr. offered to put her on Zoloft or something for depression.

    We are looking for another answer.

    She also does the accounting for our company so she has a very stressful job.

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