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Thread: Another new one

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    Another new one

    Hi all,

    So, I'm new here.
    I'm 27, have been training from my 18th till my 21th and then stopped. I've started training again in Jan 2011 on a more than serious level changing my entire lifestyle and started bodybuilding with a proper diet in 2012.
    Since 2011 I've lost fat from 16% to 5% (didn't know anything about nutrition so ended up looking like a pirate from Somalia). I've studied a lot of books + articles and followed some classes with the result I now know more about food and sports nutrition (but not neaaaarly enough to be an expert).

    So specs are:
    age 27
    length 193m
    weight 80kg (struggling enormously to gain weight, currently on a 6500+ kcal clean bulk)

    Gear history:
    I have used a dbol only cycle of 8 weeks past January and Feb, gained 4 kg's on that and dropped in VP from 7,8 to 6,8. Gained extremely much in strength as well.
    Unfortunately I've lost it all when my father past away in July and even dropped in weight to around 78kg.

    Picked up training and diet again in August after getting my head straight and having a break of about a month. Starting weight was 78kg and 8,2VP.
    I've started a new, "light", cycle three weeks ago of:
    Test-e (1ml/250mg / week) - 10 weeks
    Boldenone (1ml/250mg / week) - 10 weeks
    Anavar (20 mg week 1, 30 mg week 1 till 4, 20mg week 5)

    I have had this cycle made for me by a former bb, would love your insights.
    Perhaps a cycle log will be fun to do? Do peeps do that here?
    Also I could post pictures and or my diet if anybody is interested.

    So thats me but mostly I'm here to learn learn learn. I am so enormously devoted to this lifestyle and want to know more about form, exercises, cycles and effects, views of other ppl, etc!

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    Welcome to the community. Post your cycle in the aas q&a section for responses.

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    Sure. Thnx.

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    Welcome rodero

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    It takes some time before my thread in the aas section has been screened? Can't seem to find it after posting

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    Welcome to the forums!


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