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    first cycle questions (tren a)

    I'm getting ready to start my first cycle in the next week. I've done tons of research and I honestly don't wanna over do it like I see most people do. I'm 26 years old and recently I've plateaued again to the point where my workouts are boring, long n easy and with kids I don't work out as much as I like. now I heard people say your maximum potential and then only run test your first cycle, but I'm not 170 lbs lol (195) in these days trenbolone (A) seems to be an American Way. so I was just looking for some good advice the questions I have. Thanks!

    1- I said I don't want to overdo it, is 350mg tren /week going to give me the results I want all by itself? if not how much should I use?

    2- should I add test to the tren? Why, why not?

    3- do I need serm or is it okay to try out a otc pct? N if I do need a serm, what are the dis/advantages of an ai?

    4- is a 6-8 week cycle too short? if so how long?

    5- any advice you may have...

    now as I said above, I'm not looking for out of the world gains, I just want a decent gain and some cuts, (which I heard tren is great all around as he give you solid muscle, no water retention) anyways, so my approach is very cautious, small and tactical on the first cycle.I know I have a lot to learn and you learn through experience but any advice I can get ill take! just want some advice some people who have ran tren cycles in the past! I appreciate any input! Thanks!

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    Welcome mate

    Ok, first off Tren is one of the most powerful substances out there, and definitely not for beginners... In all honesty your post shows that you don't have a good understanding of the basics- I'd highly suggest reading some of the stickies located in the "Anabolic Steroids - Questions & Answers Section".

    "My First Cycle: Planning and Executing a Successful First Cycle"
    "Austinite's Educational Article Database"

    I know that most members are gonna ask you for your complete stats:

    Age 26
    Weight 195
    Years Training?
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    Welcome, and I agree with Audiofreak37^^^. Read more before you start.

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    Welcome to the forum try reading again and start here.

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    Welcome to the community.

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    Hows it goin and welcome to the forums!

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