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    New to the site

    Found this site while trying to find info on gyno. I'm 42, 6'6" 245-250lbs around 10-15% BF. I have been training on and off since I was a teen, did a cycle when I was 29 and grew quite a bit, went from 210 to 265 in 8 months of on and off cycling then got messed up in the party scene. I started back training after a few year layoff in march 2013, had blown up to a fat 300lbs and felt like crap. Drinking beer everyday did wonders for my physique and my mind so I quit drinking and started back at the gym. I lost about 55-60 lbs total from march to july then fell off the wagon for the summer and gained back about 25lbs. Fast forward to jan 2014, started back at the gym to get in shape for a vacation in feb, lost another 20lbs or so and felt good. I had done a couple shots of sustanon 250 and tren a week leading up to the trip, felt good and looked better. Once back I tried to train naturally and wasn't happy with it so I geared up with some test 300 and tren e. I am peaking now at 900mgs/week test and 300mgs/week tren, this will last a few weeks then I will ramp down for a couple weeks and come off and do pct. I am having a gyno problem, I am very prone to it and I think the jump from 600mgs/week to 900 was more than my 1mg of adex eod could handle so I bumped it to ed and added 40mg of nolva ed to combat the gyno. I was having a hard time finding consistent information on the issue and this is the conclusion I came to. I have a big no shirt weekend coming up this weekend and I'm really bummed I got bumps in my breast, I have been training since march for this weekend. I hope this combo will at least stop the progress and maybe shrink it a bit. That's my story, looking forward to reading a bunch and learning some do's and don'ts for my next cycle. Thanks for any advice, Zach.

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    Welcome man

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    Welcome post over in question and answers section

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    Welcome aboard and see Derek's advice^^^. Unfortunately, there is no quick solution but educating with show you the path. Lot's of good info here.

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    Welcome to the community.

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    Welcome to the forum

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