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    New member! long time reader. stats and cycles.

    Hello forum members been using this site and forum for research and information for over a year am quite good at doing my own research and know some long time aas users so haven't felt the need to post asking silly questions here and there!

    Now that I have progressed a bit and as I'm progressing I'm finding it harder to get answers for my questions or finding other people with similar cycles or experience.
    So thought I would join up to the forum now.

    I do not need sources or source checks and respect the rules reguarding this.

    The all important stats..

    Currently 5'8"
    Bodyfat approx 12%

    To the guys who say I need to train naturally and get bigger first... I respect this oppinion.. but I am a natural ectomorph not so much a hard gainer but a small frame with girly wrists untrained weight approx 66kilos
    in my early 20s I reached close to 80 kilos naturally but with less strength and definition. Certainly less emphasis on diet and probably incorrect form
    Cycle background my first cycle last year after lots of research (mainly from this website)

    10 weeks 500mg test e with dbol 30mg kicker!
    Great strength gains was training natural for a while and was about 69 kilos at the start and low bf maybe 9%
    Struggled with calories on this cycle gained more strength than weight and ended cycle early at 8 weeks as I hadn't properly estimated dosages and how much id have needed. Learning curve!
    Finished the cycle at about 71 kilos probably water weight! But with better shape and strength than before hand.
    just a quick background of my job... physical job building and landscaping film sets can do up to or more than 12 hours a day 6-7 days a week so my calorie intake needs to be huge and rest and training time is restricted.
    Dissapointed with this cycle I avoided pct and jumped straight onto 600mg test e 400mg deca for 8 weeks. bigger thicker gains but only due to struggling with calories and training time managed about 74kilos maybe 13% bf. Looked and felt strong though!
    PCT - in the second cycle I ran hcg all the way through at 500ui twice a week and also 500ui once a day for 10 days straight after last jab as I was worried 2 cycles b2b would massively shut me down! Whilst using the hcg daily after cycle I felt amazing was stronger and had crazy energy and agression a bit aswell. Felt like conan the barbarian running around with oak trees on my shoulders.

    followed with nolvadex for 3 or 4 weeks cannot remember... and also a decent natural test booster.

    recovery felt good. Libido never dropped... balls were great felt good. Natural training starts.
    work got busy and got sent around to different citys and hotels and got into whiskey and women a bit too much. Training slacked and strength and gains nearly all lost.

    went a good few months natural an was enjoyimg it got back into training again but wasnt making any quick gains as I was still not on point with training and diet.

    anyway as time passes I get well into my aas research again and more so into diet.
    I decide rather than cycling I would like to stay on and stay co sistent for a while.

    Starting at 72 kilos 15% bf
    Ronnie rowlands slingshot training sounds good to me so give that a whizz.. and the dreaded trenbolone
    8 weeks 250mg test e, 600mg tren e 50mg dbol kicker for 4 weeks
    Hunger increases and diet is better wow... felt this cycle like no other... no sides apart from minimal back acne and due to the dbol I think... a bit of light headedness after squats or deadlifts for the first few weeks. After finishing dbol no more light headedness. Gains were quick first 4-5 weeks then I cleaned up diet and dropped cals a bit for remainder ended up at 75kilos 12% bf... not big gains you will say but big strength increases and aesthetic lean gains.. vascularity and shape. Lots of good comments from friends and work colleagues visual gains!

    I'm in no rush to get huge quick its not a race for me. Its about long term consistent lean gains and progress. Not yoyoing weight and as my experienced peers tell me quick gains are usually always lost and will give you stretch marks and silver skin!

    I've kept a training log for almost a year now and jot down my workouts weights reps and always look back over my progress to make sure I'm improving. Calorie intake is better and I make sure I get my hours in the gym even if it means training at 6am before work

    Deload for 2 weeks just 250mg test e

    Reload test-e 500mg equipoise 500mg. Now this is where ive found it harder to find answers to my questions... currently just starting week 2 of this reload. Strength still good size shape vascularity good. Best shape of my life.. pics to follow later on.

    Now is my dosage of test e and equipoise too low after using tren at 600mg with trt dosage of test e?

    I know it's early days and they are far from optimal levels yet. But as tren is such a strong compound and equipoise is disputed and in my first cycle I had dissapointing gains from 500mg test e.

    Should I wait a couole more weeks before upping dosages? Or could I start to lose gains as ronnie says in his extensive slingshot methods hes seen guys lose gains from not using enough aas.

    I'm being cautious as its a long term usage plan do not want to ruin my health too much

    Also i know that equipoise is an extremely long acting esther which means 8 weeks is useless so I'm planning on using for the following deload and then dropping test e and moving to test cyp for the next reload whilst using equipoise throughout so will be 18 weeks equipoise use! And then next reload thinking of test prop tren ace and cutting to a low bf in single digits as gains should be good at this point!
    Also of course I'm using hcg throughout blast and will pct properly after a couple more reloads if only for a short time!

    Be greatful to hear from guys who have experience in slingshot training and dosages when switching from tren to weaker compounds. Also guys who are into consistent longterm gains and muscle maturity rather than yoyoing. Thanks

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    Welcome to the community. Repost questions in the aas q&a section for more views and responses.

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    Thanks will do.

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    Welcome aboard. .... women and whiskey can always make training a challenge. Glad to have you here.

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