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    need some advice asap

    hi guys, my name is craig, new member so go easy.. im nearly 4 weeks into a test prop/winstrol cylce and have some tren a to add in at some point and may drop the winstrol, since i have surgically repaired joints to begin with.. i have proper pct all squared away, im not a heavy user by any means, 100mg test eod, 50mg winstol ed/ and was planning 50mg tren eod and see how the sides were.. i go for cut and strength over size really, diet is very clean and on point, im 39 and this is my 5th cycle in my life (was an NCAA athlete and got started there).. things are going well, gained a few lbs and strength has been on a solid increase, no sides to speak of. i have a unique job, and in 6 days i need to travel to jamaica for 7 days, there is no way im flying with stuff and end up in a 3rd world jail cell trying to explain myself, i can workout sufficiently there, and i can pin right before i go but it will be on the 8th day when i can pin again.. should i bail on the cycle and start pct then pick back up in a few months or can i really go 7 full days in between doses? i have no access to any longer acting esters.. please help

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    Welcome to the forum. Head over to the question and answer section.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome aboard.

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    If it were me and I was only going to be gone for a week I would take what I could before my flight then pick right up when I get back. One week off should not kill your cycle. The best person to ask is a guy on the boards named Chi. He is on my friends list. He has a travelling job as well and had this type of thing down to a science. Not sure if he is active anymore or not but I also think one of threads helped explain this.

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