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    Another newb with questions

    Hello all. My name is Brad i'm 35, live in northren colorado and I would appreciate some help.

    I've been suffering from ed and zero libido for almost 2 years now. Didn't even think to get my testosterone checked until a couple of months ago. My results were 28ng/dl. I think this is really low. My research tells me 300 - 1000 is normal. I spoke with my new doctor and she said i have to stop drinking booze and smoking weed for 3 to 6 months b4 i can start TRT. I had already quit smoking last year and have only had a few drinks in the past 2 months. I'm not any better. I've been training kickboxing, gi and nogi jujitsu 6 to 12 hrs a week for 1.5 years hoping if i trained hard enough my body would fix itself. No such luck. I've been researching trt and something i came across today says i can't have kids if I'm on it. I emailed my doc and she agreed. I would like to have another child with my wonderful gf but can't right now with my terrible symptoms.

    1. ED
    2. zero libido
    3. No ejaculate (or very little)
    4. low motivation
    5. gained fat (stomach mostly)

    My awesome and trusted doctor of 20 years retired 2 years ago and i haven't even met my new doctor face to face. I wonder if she knows anything about TRT and/or fixing my heath problems. I scheduled a meeting with her so i can introduce myself and try to fix things. Do I need to find a new doc? Should i be seeing a specialist? I'm sick of feeling this way. I use to be a fun, energetic, athletic man and now i feel like a luke warm turd.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thx

    Sry i posted this in the wrong thread. I did read the rules b4 i posted just messed up.
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