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    Been an athlete since I was 4 years old. I'm 23 & have been lifting heavy weights since I have been in high school.. This is my first cycle. Doing 12 weeks, I'm about 6 weeks in now.. First 4 weeks I was at 189 lbs & Ran Test Cyp 500 Mg a week... 250 every 3 days.. Along with Anadrol 50mg everyday.. Jumped all the way to 210 lbs.. Strength went through the roof.. Now running Tren Ace 50 mg everyday, along with Winstrol 50 mg every day.. Using Test E now, 600 Mg every week.. 300 mg every 3 days.. Up to 215 & my strength is still ridiculous. Starting to see a few sides from the Tren but really mild.. Occasionally when i sleep ill wake up more than usual, and I had night sweats a couple times.. But other than that things have been great. Let me know what y'all think! Any suggestions for a good PCT?

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    Welcome to the community. Re-post in the aas q&a section for more views and responses.

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    Welcome to the forum post in the Q&A.

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