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Thread: I've made my decision...Here for advice and to learn.

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    I've made my decision...Here for advice and to learn.

    After 15 years of working out and enjoying fitness, I've decided I want to make the jump onto steroids .

    I'm 30years old, I'm 5'10, 180lbs. Maybe 15% bodyfat. I'm in good shape. Not huge, just fit-looking. I work out whenever I can. I have not reached my genetic potential.

    My plan:

    I have no interest in bodybuilding long term or becoming huge. I have no interest in sport competition. I simply want to jump on for awhile to attain the ideal physique for me.

    Here's what I want to do: I want to do 1 cycle this summer, and in 8 weeks put on ~ 15-20lbs of muscle, keep all of it after the cycle, have no health issues after the cycle...then never go on it again.

    Is that possible?


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    Good luck w/not doing another cycle! Lol. They're line the Kay's potato chip commercial! I said the same thing haha....
    And you will Lise some gains on pct(it's a given) but if your diet is on point or you'll keep the most possible...

    Welcome aboard and your in the right place to learn!
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome to the community!

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    Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately it is probably not possible to gain 20lbs of muscle with one cycle, but you will gain a lot of water weight and be able to see yourself bigger; which will probably make you catch the bug and want to keep doing it to get bigger and bigger. Good luck and you are in the right place to learn as much as you can. Good luck.

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    This is pretty much exactly what I'm thinking of doing. Just one cycle and be done. I think I'm ready for it. I see a lot of guys say you won't keep all the gains but I'd be happy with just some. Most who take this stuff even semi serious eat according to their goals and not all junk food. I agree with the whole just trying to take the physique to another level. Good luck on your journey man.

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    Welcome aboard.

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