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    test p tren anavar clen t3 GYNO HELP

    hey guys

    24 yrs old

    3rd cycles

    lifting 5 yrs just come of a broken wrist and need a kick start before holiday to get back to where i was

    I'm suffering from what i think is gyno i might be paranoid and just have excess fat but would really like some help and advised been on cycle 5 weeks started taking letro 3 days ago

    not pushing big weights atm as I'm just getting back into gym work outs
    diet clean

    test p 50mg ed
    tren 75 mg ed
    anavar 50 mg ed
    clen 2on2off 80mgs
    t3 50 ed
    letro just started 2.5 ed

    had arim nolva etc opn hand
    and everything on hand

    just need some advise weather to stop and start pct or

    trying to put a pic up but no luck

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    Re-post in the aas question/answer section.

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    Welcome to thr forum post in the Q&A and tri and get a pic up.

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