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    Was on the forum years ago... got scared and bailed. Back again.

    I'm long winded - if you like a funny story, here you go.

    Hey folks. One upon a time, I was running around on this thing posting like a mad man - gathering info on my first cycle - Test P only. The cycle went great and awful at the same time. I gained some good size, put on strength I didn't know I had, and I walked around my house like a Shredda-saurous Rex, ripping my wife's clothes off every opportunity I had. I'm serious - my libido was probably the best result. That mixed with the fact that chicks couldn't sit on a bar stool at the pool without slipping off when they saw me walking around with my shirt off. Yeah, I can be a peacocking douche.

    The bad part was the debilitating pump in my lower back and calves that I had during cardio. I've been posting about that lately - if you guys find that post, I'll take all the advice I can get. I think it was compartment syndrome. The muscle wanted to bust through the fascia - great for in the gym pumps, ****ing horrible when you're following a team up a mountain with a shit ton of gear weighing you down. That coupled with night sweats, extreme pain after pinning and a gyno scare made it a terrible experience.

    What drove me from the threads was a drug test scare. I was ****ing ripped and vascular as shit towards the end of my cycle. I started walking around the squadron gym with my shirt off eating all the weights and scaring the support staff. I was stupid and didn't really hide the fact I was on a cycle. I mean I wasn't the only one... but I was the only jack ass yelling, "**** you" after every rep on bench. Stupid. It was when the good Jack3d was out and I also had a T high with some maturity issues. Long story short, the DO of our unit told one of the LT's I needed to cut the shit. He said what ever I was doing needed to stop or I'd get a command direct drug test specifically for 'roids'. He wasn't wrong. I was a dipshit. Cue me in freak out mode. Shit's going down, burn all the evidence! Kill anyone that knows!

    In reality, I put in for a ton of leave, started my post cycle immediately, freaked out and thought - 'they're going to bust me and do an investigation!' I changed my email address on the forums to something I made up and can't remember and tried to delete all the before and after pics I had put up.... I did find my old cycle results post from way back when though. Talk about nostalgia.

    Any hoo, I'm back. I want to right some wrongs from my first cycle. I did a shit ton of research and thought I had a mild cycle with test p only. What I didn't know was the liquid AI I had was BS and didn't work for shit. I bloated, seized up on runs, and had puffy itchy nips that freaked me the **** out when I found a small mass. That shit eventually went away, but scared the crap out of me. I have a better source, legit gear, and a solid AI with a better PCT this go around - plus, I'm a little more anonymous on the forums now... still, I wish I could get my old member status back. Oh well.

    I'll be doing a test e only cycle in a couple months. I'm not sure if I'll post anything about it as I'll be down range and they read all our shit. The military and their ****ing trust issues. But while I'm here, I'm going to ask as many questions as possible and hopefully help peeps that have similar issues that I did. The end .

    Thanks ya'll! Cheers.

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    Welcome back to the community! That's quite a story.

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    Welcome back, it sure is...

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    Lol welcome back.

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    welcome back.

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    Welcome back

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    Nice story. Wow i thought i was alone lol

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